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Stress for Seniors Can Directly Impact Blood Pressure (and Home Care May be Able to Help)

stress for seniors can directly impact blood pressureThere are many things that can cause somebody to have high blood pressure. It could be diet related, stress-induced, or some aspect of a health issue. High blood pressure can be a very serious condition for people of all ages. Somebody who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure could be at increased risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and other serious conditions.

Many seniors, whether or not they rely on a professional home care provider, may be dealing with high blood pressure. They might’ve changed their diet, tried to get more exercise, but one aspect of their life they might not be focused on improving is the amount of stress they experience.

As people get older, they often have to deal with various health issues and physical limitations they didn’t endure when they were younger. This could be diminished strength, having more difficulty walking safely, struggling to get up and down the stairs, and much more. The senior may have already suffered from a heart attack in the past. He or she might have had pneumonia, spent a week or more in the hospital, or had major surgery recently.

All of these issues can increase stress for people of any age, and it may very well be impacting the senior. That amount of stress, especially if it is prolonged and continual, can actually cause high blood pressure to increase.

Stress is caused by the brain taking in certain stimuli, such as worries or fears about certain issues, and trying to process it as a basic response system. That response system is the fight or flight response that is innate in every single person. In other words, when a person is faced with a potentially life-threatening situation, there mind triggers that fight or flight response to either stay and fight or flee for safety.

Even though worrying about bills, whether or not a person will fall when they get out of bed, or other stressors are not actually life-threatening, for the most part, the brain doesn’t differentiate between the two.

Finding a way to help alleviate stress is going to help the senior reduce his or her blood pressure.  Most medical professionals will readily agree that lowering stress is good for the body. A professional in-home care provider may be just what the senior needs to help them experience less stress in his or her daily life. It can also potentially have a direct impact on high blood pressure. May is National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month and just about any senior may be able to benefit from professional home care.

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