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Home Care Tips: Oral Care for Seniors with Dementia

home care tips oral care for seniors with dementiaProper oral care is one of the most important elements of maintaining good overall health and wellbeing, but like most things, if you are on a home care journey with a senior who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, making sure that she gets the correct care for her mouth can pose additional challenges. Knowing how to handle these challenges can help you to ensure your parent remains as healthy as possible while progressing through her disease.

Use these tips to help you ensure that your parent gets the oral care that she needs even as she is coping with dementia:

Even as your parent is progressing through her disease it is important to keep up with regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and to address any issues that arise. Make sure that you are clear with the dentist about your senior’s dementia so that any necessarily modifications to the care approach can be made from the beginning rather than after your senior has already gotten agitated or upset.


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