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Home Care for Senior Cancer Patients

home care for senior cancer patientsWhile no longer a death sentence, the word “cancer” continues to strike fear into the heart of both the patient and their family.  While the incidence of cancer is decreasing overall, the number of фpeople who have cancer is increasing (  Due to the advancements in cancer treatment, cancer is becoming a chronic disease, and patients are living longer. As survival rates grow, the number of seniors living with cancer will grow as well.

The vast majority of cancer patients live at home during their treatment.  There are some treatments that have few side effects, while treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy not only exhaust the patient, but can also have debilitating side effects, particularly for seniors.  While family and friends generally step up and help out during treatment, having a home care agency come in to provide assistance with grooming, cleaning, shopping and bathing leaves the family free to spend quality time with their senior loved one.

In-Home Care Services

Home care agencies provide a full spectrum of services.  These can be as simple as preparing a nutritious meal a few times per week, or helping with light housekeeping and laundry once a week.  If the senior is taking medications, a home health aide can remind him to take his medications.  If the senior needs assistance with medications, a senior care nurse from a home health agency can visit to help with medications that require injection or infusion.  Since side effects tend to be most prevalent right after treatment, seniors may find benefit from having a nurse visit shortly after treatment.  Should the senior experience a serious side effect, the nurse is able to provide care and notify the doctor to get the appropriate treatment immediately.

Home Care Service Benefits

The biggest benefit to seniors is that they are able to fight their disease in the comfort and security of their own home.  The ability to retain some feeling of independence in familiar surroundings provides emotional and psychological benefits that are not available in a clinical setting.

While some families do well when caring for a senior loved one, the change in the family dynamic can be stressful.  When the roles of child and parent are reversed, both parties can become resentful.  Some families are spread across the country, while others are “sandwiched” between caring for their parents and their school age children.  Family caregivers tend to suffer burn out, particularly if they quit their job to care for a parent or the care takes time away from their own families.  In-home care allows families to be families and brings skilled aides, nurses and therapists into the home.

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