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Elderly Care Tips: Tips for Safe Canning

elderly care tips tips for safe canningCanning is a wonderful way to preserve the abundance of delicious and nutritious produce available throughout the summer and beginning of fall, stretching your grocery budget and providing tasty meals, snacks, and ingredients you can enjoy through the rest of the year. Preserving food is also a great activity to add to your elderly care plan to spend extra quality time with your aging parents, encourage critical thinking and memory skills, and give them an emotional boost and sense of accomplishment.

Many people feel intimidated when they think about canning their own food at home, whether they are thinking about putting up preserves and jellies, making a few batches of homemade pickles, or canning their own vegetables from the garden. There is a strong belief that the process is extremely difficult and confusing, or that people are more likely than not going to create unsafe food by canning improperly. Fortunately, with the right techniques and a bit of knowledge, canning is nowhere near as difficult as most people think. In fact, it can be simple enough that you can feel confident enjoying this activity with your aging loved ones, or encouraging them to spend time preserving food with their elderly health care services provider.

As with any activity involving food, it is essential to take the proper steps to avoid contamination and unsafe bacteria growth, particularly during the storage period for canned foods. Use these tips to help you and your aging parents can safely and effectively whether you are enjoying the benefits of a bountiful harvest from your own garden or plan to visit the farmer’s market for delicious items to preserve:

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