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Elder Care Tips: Conducting a Phone Interview with a Prospective Care Provider

elder care tips conducting a phone interview with a prospective care providerWhen looking for a care provider to add to your elder care team, it would be ideal to be able to meet with each prospective care provider in person for a thorough interview that would allow you to get to know the care provider, learn more about her professional experiences and skills, and gauge her personality and characteristics to help you determine which would be the best for your aging loved ones. Unfortunately, busy schedules and the possibility that you live at a distance from your seniors mean that this is not always possible. When you cannot practically meet with a prospective care provider for an interview, doing the interview over the phone is the next best thing.

Just as you should take the time to carefully prepare for an in-person interview by putting together a list of questions and choosing the right location for the meeting, it is essential to prepare for a phone interview so you can ensure the best interview possible.

Use these tips to help you conduct a high-quality phone interview with a prospective care provider:

If you have to do phone interviews, there are a few things you should keep in mind, including:

Whenever possible, make sure you meet with the care provider at least once in person before making a final decision.

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