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Does Your Loved One Have Vision Problems and Memory Issues?

does your loved one have vision problems and memory issues If your loved one already has memory issues or dementia, you probably already know how difficult regular daily tasks can be. Having problems with his vision can complicate the problem. Some studies also link eye health and memory issues, which could mean that there’s even more at stake with making sure that your loved one is able to see clearly.

Check that He’s Wearing His Glasses

When a loved one is dealing with memory issues, it’s all too easy to forget to put glasses on or to take them off and forget where they were last. Because of this, it’s a good idea to make sure that you check periodically throughout the day to make sure that your loved one is wearing his glasses. Try to make note of places where he may typically leave his glasses in case you need to track them down.

Keep a Spare Handy

In case you run into a problem where you simply can’t find your loved one’s glasses or they become damaged, it’s a great idea to make sure you always have a spare pair of glasses on hand. Your loved one might become agitated if he has to go for a while without being able to see well, so having even an old prescription on hand can help to calm your loved one down a bit.

Clean His Glasses Daily

If your loved one has memory issues, he may not realize that his glasses are dirty. It can be disorienting for your loved one to try to see through smudges and smears. By making it a habit to clean his glasses for him every day, you can make sure that he starts each day with clean lenses.

Check the Lighting

Make sure that there is plenty of light for your loved one to see by. If he’s reading or doing any close work, it’s a good idea to have a light accessible over his shoulder. Check the bulbs in the house and make sure that they’re all in good working order and that each room is bright enough for your loved one to see clearly.

Make Eye Exams a Priority

Above all, it’s important to make yearly eye exams a priority for your loved one. With memory troubles as well as vision issues, he may not remember to let you know that his current prescription isn’t working so well or that he’s having additional eye trouble. An eye exam can help to spot problems before they become severe.

Be sure to ask your loved one’s doctor and senior care providers if there are other things that you can do that can help your loved one see better while dealing with memory issues.

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