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Caregiving and EMS

caregiving and emsYou are taking care of your elderly family member, so that makes you a family caregiver. You may very well have a career that provides you an opportunity to assist them with some certain aspects in life, including paying bills, and more, but let’s talk about the prospect of an emergency situation.  So while you may have taken on the role of a family caregiver, in the event of an emergency situation, such as a medical emergency, it’s important to keep in mind the important role of the EMS.

EMS, or Emergency Medical Services, are those individuals who are specifically trained to deal with a variety of emergency situations. In the event the senior experiences chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, has fallen down and is in serious pain, or some other emergency arises, it’s important to stay calm, dial 911, and inform the emergency operator about what happened and what is transpiring at that moment. Don’t take it upon yourself to try and diagnose a situation, move the individual, or perform CPR unless you are trained and qualified to do so.

Many people take on this role of being a family caregiver simply because they don’t trust professional caregivers hired through an agency. It’s important to realize there is a significant difference between an independent caregiver and one hired through an agency. Most agencies conduct thorough interviews and even conduct background checks on all potential employees to ensure that they are honest and reliable individuals. The vast majority of caregivers working in the United States right now are honest, kind, compassionate individuals who will place the needs of their elderly clients ahead of their own.

Experienced caregivers are trained to remain calm in emergency situations. Remaining calm is one of the most important elements to ensuring that the senior has the best prospect for overcoming whatever emergency situation has arisen.  A professional caregiver is also trained to know when to call EMS and how to communicate what is going on with the emergency personnel.

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