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4 Types of Smartphone Apps to Consider for Your Elderly Loved One

4 types of smartphone apps to consider for your elderly loved oneIt’s not always true that our elderly loved ones are afraid of technology and don’t want to use it. Your loved one may get a lot of use out of his smartphone, so it makes sense to find some apps that can do even more for him. Even if your loved one isn’t all that fond of technology, though, there are some types of apps that you can download onto your own phone and use when you need to. If your phone is the one you’re using, take some time to find apps that your loved one might enjoy. If he has his own smartphone, think about giving him gift certificates so he can stock up on all the apps he wants.

Lighting and Magnification

If your loved one has some trouble with his eyes, extra lighting and even some magnification can help. The best of these apps give you the option to use both the phone’s flashlight and the camera to get a better look at things. These types of apps can quickly become your loved one’s favorite app to use because they make life so much easier. Plus, it’s not two separate devices to hunt down or to carry around. They’re both right there in the phone.

Brain Training Games

Puzzles are fantastic ways to help your elderly loved one to keep his brain occupied and healthy. But when you’re out and about running errands and stuck in a line, it’s not so easy to whip out crossword puzzles or other items to while away the time. Brain training games on a smartphone are a super easy way to get the same effect without having to carry around a lot of extra items in your bag. These types of games usually claim that they can help to improve attentions spans and sharpen brain skills. Look for games that are similar to others that your loved one already enjoys.

Music Apps

Music is a great way to connect with your elderly loved one and apps on your smartphone can make that even easier. There are a ton of different versions out there. Simply plug in the types of music you want to listen to or the exact artist and the app can give you your own private concert. Add some speakers at home and your loved one has on-demand music at home and on the go.

Communication Apps

Smartphones are made for communication, of course, but there are lots of ways to communicate these days. Look into apps like Skype that can help your loved one to keep in touch with relatives all over the place who are tied to their laptops. There are communication apps that do all sorts of things, so take a look at all of them to find just what you want.

Remember also to talk to your loved one’s senior care providers about suggestions for apps that can make life easier for your loved one. You might be surprised at all the different options available out there.

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